Saying it with Letters

Saying it with Letters

Summer colours are bright, bold and beautiful you can't help but be inspired by it.  I just finished my new decorative letter 3d design and I was a bit stumped on how to present it beautifully. So I begged the family to come out and pick flowers with at Cadwell farm in Hitchens and of course to get some "fresh air".
Sunshine and a colourful and sweet smelling surrounding really does give a kick.  Since my pre-teen is not posing for me these days, all I have was my rainbow umbrella. Which I can now consider a blessing in disguise.  :) Seeing it juxtaposed among the lavender plants lit that little bulb in my head!

The gorgeous bold colours help to make my beautiful white decorative letters stand out! And it inspires me a bit more each time I see them :)

Here are an example of my Varsity style 3D decorative letters. If you are wondering why I often use D&G, it is because it is my husband and my initials. So these are definitely being displayed in my home. 

I really really love how this turned out. 

My very first order for these letters are from my daughter, who thought they would be excellent gift for her teacher. So, if you have a need to give something different to an "academic" friend, loved-one or family member, think of these. 

What are you planning to gift your children's teacher this end of term?